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Welcome to the best online word counting tool. To use simply input your article, text or whatever you want to count the words for into the box below and click the submit button to count the total number of words in the text.

Everyone knows that creating that essay or assignment and having to do 500 or more words is highly frustrating, use this cool tool to check the ammount of words you have written.

Enjoy our simple to use free online word counting tool Word Counter!

Word Counter

Copy and paste your text that you wish to count the words for into the box below and hit the "Count Words" button, the tool will then return the results.

Can Count? Can't Count?
  • Check how many words are in your essay, assignment, homework.
  • Any words from any language on the planet.
  • Any websites content simply use this website word counting tool to count the words from any wesbite.
  • Foriegn textual tags such as html and php code.
  • How many stars are in the Sky.

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